so yeah, I got alopecia. I got it from my father and the first time i discovered it i don’t know what the fuck is this or what the fuck should i do. then i look up to the internet, but it’s not really helping cause most of every source i read said that it will turn out to be a completely bald if i dont go for a treatment, yet no site tell me what should i do. i cant see a doctor cause i dont have that much of money.

and I’ve been telling my father and he said that he got it too when he was a teenager, i talk to my aunt and she said that this thing also happened to my grandma. so it’s genetic.

at first the only thing i do is cried because i’m really afraid that i will losing friend, losing my high school life (that finally i can have a great one with no drama thank to all my friend in my present school), and i’m afraid i will lose control of myself, and i’m sad cause my family seems to not taking it seriously and not giving enough effort to help me. well i expect nothing cause i know my family is kinda dysfunctional, but it still hurts.

i dont want to be sad all over the time, so i’m just enjoying this holiday and yesterday i went to the beach with my 10th grade classmate, salt water is the best, it makes me feel good and i took a lot of photos there though i have two bald patch on my head. thing got worse after i showered cause my hair can’t cover all of the bald patch, but then i’ll try to use a jacket around my head as a veil. in the end, i was really happy to go there.

and tomorrow i’m going to the cinema to watch monster university.

i still dont know, dont understand what happen. nevertheless i hope everything’s going to be alright, whether my hair will grow back or not my life still goes on.

i keep remind myself that i deserve to be happy and the only one who can make me truly happy is my own self, drowning in sadness wouldn’t get things done.

i’m always open with all of you who want to talk about alopecia, or anything. i will try as soon as i can to reply. cause i know thing we need the most is just a person to talk.

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